Top 10 Best Connectify Alternatives For Windows PC in 2019

Connectify is a software company which develops networking software to share internet services. We listed the best 10 alternatives to Connectify as it is costly and has a complicated interface. Because of the sophisticated interface, users are facing problems in accessing the application. Another problem is if you want to use all features of Connectify you have to buy the paid version, which is costly.
These alternatives of Connectify will help you to get maximum features without paying a single penny. Along with it, the alternatives will provide you with a simple interface to access all features easily. If you are looking for the software to create wifi hotspot in few clicks, then you can try out these alternatives. 

List of 10 Best Connectify Alternatives:-

The alternatives will help you to fulfil your requirement of creating a wifi hotspot. These software’s will help you to create wifi hotspot anytime and anywhere. Another great thing is some alternatives will provide you feature to share files. Let’s look out this software to select the best one.

1.) MyPublicWiFi

Make your PC/laptop a WiFi access point with MyPublicWiFi. This easy to use, windows compatible software offers good speeds across all devices in the network. This software may be outdated but is still simple and offers features in bulk, as they say, old is gold. With this software, you can restrict user access via a firewall, and track and record all Downloaded pages on your network.
Download MyPublicWiFi

2.) Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot
Baidu WiFi Hotspot
Baidu WiFi Hotspot may be one of the best WiFi software to replace Connectify. It works well with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. There are virtually no drops in network speeds. As a bonus, this software allows sending and receiving files from the devices connected to the hotspot. Its user interface is straightforward, and you won’t have any trouble in navigating.

3.) LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator

LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator
LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator
This software does not come with any feature other than turning your PC/laptop into a WiFi access point. This Windows-compatible software is simple, and setting up a connection is a matter of a few clicks. You can try out both free and paid versions; the only difference between them is ads. If you can endure ads, go for the free one.

4.) Thinix WiFi Hotspot Creator

This software might be the best Connectify alternative as it brings almost all of its features at one-third the price. It offers a secure Hotspot via WPA2 PSK protocol and allows activity tracking on your Hotspot. One distinct feature is the Auto-Start which creates a WiFi access point even when you’re logged out. This software only supports Windows 10, 8, and 7.
Download Thinix

5.) Maryfi

It is yet another Windows compatible (except Windows 10), easy to use and free virtual router software which creates a Hotspot. You can use Maryfi over cellular data, a modem, or another WiFi connection. The software’s beauty lies in the ability to create a WiFi hotspot without any internet. Gamers can use this feature to play LAN based games wirelessly.
Download Maryfi

6.) OSToto Hotspot

OSToto Hotspot
OSToto Hotspot
OSToto is no longer officially available on the website. However, you can still get the last supported version of the app, which still works well on Windows compatible PC/laptop. It offers the usual Hotspot creation, user blacklisting, and use WPA2 PSK for security. However, the two most distinct features of OSToto are the Hotspot on/off timer and active hotspot during PC hibernation.
Download OSToto

7.) Virtual Router Plus

Virtual Router Plus
Virtual Router Plus
Virtual Router Plus offers portability and flexibility. With this software, you can turn any device on the network into a WiFi access point, anytime anywhere. This free software may not have many features as others but makes connection set up easy. This software has not been updated in a while but still works fine with Windows 10.

8.) mHotspot

This software is a free and robust alternative of Connectify. You can make a Hotspot over Ethernet, WiFi, 4G while also be secure with WPA2 encryption and password protection. Another selling point of this software is that it allows your device to turn into a wireless repeater. This is handy when you have thick walls and don’t want to buy a repeater.
Download mHotspot

9.) Open Garden

This application is free and works well with Windows, Mac, and Android. With Open Garden, you can share your cellular internet with many other devices. It does this using WiFi direct and Bluetooth, thus not no need for root access. The beauty of this application is that you can extend the network range by connecting multiple devices at once.
Download Open Garden

10.) My WIFI Router

My WIFI Router
My WIFI Router
This software does what its meant to, that is to turn your PC/laptop into a WiFi access point. You can easily share your internet across many devices via the software. Also, you can blacklist users, and set a timer to turn off the WiFi router automatically. Moreover, you can deactivate Software Conflict Detection, which is turned on by default or can be set to turn off automatically in settings.
Download My WIFI Router